Mitchells Flying To The Rescue

Posted by in Corporate Social Responsibility on 22nd December 2022

Here at Mitchells we are passionate about helping our local community! We’re proud of our Nottinghamshire roots and always want to support local charities in any way we can.

Mitchells is a family business and that includes our pets too! That’s why we have decided to support the local charity, Drone to Home.

When we heard the charity needed help getting their drone fixed, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to help!

To the rescue!

Drone to Home is a charity with the aim of reuniting families and their beloved pets. They cover the whole of the UK by helping to find missing pets by using drone technology.

Drone to Home has 100s of volunteers that help reunite families and their pets and are funded by donations from the public. They provide a unique training course to help drone operators become more skilled at finding missing pets by teaching them how to use a thermal drone.

A thermal drone is a drone equipped with a thermal camera that is able to see through smoke, detect thermal hotspots and movements such as animals. 

By providing these vital search and rescue services Drone to Home is supporting families all over the UK and animals who are in distress. 

Phil, the founder of Drone to Home is passionate about all animals and helping families reunite with their pets. The charity is the first of its kind! 

“After meeting Phil and the team at an event, and seeing how enthusiastic they were about helping families we couldn’t wait to help out. Seeing the good work they are doing as a charity inspired everyone at Mitchells”

Richard Montgomery, MD of Mitchells

Their toughest rescue yet

A recent search and rescue saw one of the most challenging searches yet. One Friday evening Phil received a call from the owners of a missing elderly labrador, who had been missing since 11:30am. 

After a few hours of searching using the thermal drone, Phil located the labrador stuck in a concrete pipe, 5 metres down!

With a lot of dedication and patience, they managed to rescue the labrador from the concrete pipe and sent her home safe and sound to her happy family!

Community at heart

Drone to Home is supported by their incredible volunteers. Many of the volunteers have been inspired by the kindness and dedication of Phil. Some who have also personally benefitted from Drone to Home.

Every year they receive hundreds of calls from distraught dog owners who require their expertise, knowledge and skills.

Drone to Home search and reunite around 43 missing dogs a month both physically and over the phone.

How you can help

If you are interested in helping Drone to Home, there are two ways!

If you wish to volunteer with the charity and help your local community you can sign up here.

Becoming a volunteer is a challenging and unpredictable job, however incredibly rewarding! Drone to Home are always looking for volunteers who are certified drone operators.

Like all registered charities, Drone to Home relies on your kind donations to help them improve the service provided. Your donations pay for new thermal drones, drone training, search training, insurance and much more. Every penny helps them grow, improve and more importantly reunites more missing dogs with their families.