At Mitchells, it’s a family business.

First and foremost, Mitchells is a family business that’s proud of its Nottinghamshire origins. Family values go a long way here. Our people are the heart and soul of what we do. It’s important to us to bring together the best of our people and the latest technology to offer a seamless, stress free experience for our customers.

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Mitchells is a family business established in 1968

Carrying both domestic and hazardous freight, our drivers deliver to any UK destination and to major mainland European Countries, delivering anything from one pallet to a single site to thousands of pallets to multiple sites all on the same day. That’s a real team effort, and that’s why we’re dedicated to bringing the right people into the Mitchells family.

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Since becoming a founding member of Palletways in 1995, we’ve also gone on to work with The Pallet Network, The Hazchem Network and Palletline.

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Mitchells driver delivering pallets