Helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint

At Mitchells, we are committed to being at the forefront of the distribution industry, not only in terms of our services but also in our approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our aim is to establish a new standard for distribution companies, leading the way in embracing innovative technologies that help reduce carbon emissions and actively offset the ones that we cannot eliminate entirely.

It would be easy for us to sweep our carbon emissions and the effect we have on the planet under the rug. But we believe we have a duty to our planet and our customers to create a better future.

We are proud to set the bar high and pave the way for a more sustainable distribution sector. We’re passionate about creating a future for the next generation. One where we’ve made positive changes to help our planet.

It’s important to us to leave a lasting, positive impact on our world – that’s both the community we’re based in and our industry.


Richard Montgomery and Electric truck

We're working with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions

Mitchells has partnered with Ecologi to reduce and offset our carbon emissions. Ecologi funds carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world to tackle the biggest threat of our generation.

2040 Trees planted so far by Mitchells.

532.5 Tonnes of CO2e emissions offset by projects we are investing in through Ecologi.

CO2e Assessed

During 2021 we were assessed by Carbon Footprint Ltd to gain a better understanding of how we could improve our carbon emissions. This took six months of data collection from our truck fuel usage to our employee’s commute to and from work.

Our 2021 total tonnes of CO2e was 3174.17. We’ve already taken steps to reduce our carbon emissions such as replacing our diesel forklift fleet with electric forklifts, introducing LED/PIR lighting throughout our head office and the purchase of the UK’s first 18-tonne electric truck.

Find out what changes we are making now to reduce our carbon footprint.

Working with Ecologi

Since January 2023 we have been working with Ecologi to help us with our carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting is the process of compensating for the carbon emissions you produce from industrial or human activities, such as the running of our HGVs. We finance projects which are designed to make the equivalent reductions in carbon in exchange for carbon credits.

Ecologi is an environmental organisation, a platform for real climate action. They facilitate the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world and help businesses take responsibility.

Find out more about projects we have invested in to offset our carbon emissions.

Mitchells and ecologi
Carbon offsetting timeline

Mitchells Carbon Co-Op

We want to be able to offer our customers the chance to make greener choices with their deliveries. To help our customers we have created the Mitchells Carbon Co-Op. Our customers will be able to transport their freight with us and compensate the emissions from their deliveries.

This allows our customers to offer carbon-positive deliveries to their own customers. You’ll be able to keep track of the amount of CO2 you are offsetting through our CO2 Carbon Co-Op Ecologi page. Each customer that signs up to our Co-Op will get their own virtual forest that will show the amount of CO2 they have offset, trees planted and projects they have invested in. You’ll also be able to set up your own Ecologi company page that is linked to our Co-Op virtual forest, allowing your customers to see the difference you’re making.

For every customer that joins our Carbon Co-Op, Mitchells will donate 50 trees. Plus giving you the chance to choose where you’d like to focus your attention, such as renewable energy, nature-based projects or community projects.

An offset charge per consignment will be added to the pallet price prior to invoicing. This price is dependent on delivery postcodes.

To find out more about going green with Mitchells, contact our sales team at

Electric future

Mitchells are the first company in the UK to receive the 18-tonne E-Tech electric curtain-sided truck.

We’re proud to be leading the way in electric vehicles for distribution companies in the UK. As all eyes are on us and our newest addition to the fleet, we understand the pressure of succeeding, not just for us but for our planet too.

“We want to set the benchmark for the palletised market, by leading the way in electromobility. We want to be a sustainable business, built on trust, sincerity and responsibility”

Richard Montgomery, MD of Mitchells

Electric Truck