Business grows with Mitchells by their side

Mitchells cab at an event

No one wants to feel like a number.

A business owner approached Mitchells after feeling unappreciated by their previous carrier. They wanted to feel like their business was important to their suppliers, and they just weren’t getting that from the carrier they had in place.

Working with someone who cares.

After being referred to us by an active client, they like that we were a family business with strong family values. They felt confident that their business, and their freight, would be in safe hands with Mitchells.

Mitchells cab and trailer in the garage
Fork lift trucks in a row in the garage

Happy customer, growing business.

The business owner decided to transfer their carrying and customer service to Mitchells for all their freight. Once we started working with them, our team did what we always do; we cared. The customer is happy with the service and quality we provide, and has grown his business with us 10-fold in the past year.

For delivery of full, quarter, half, single and multi-pallet deliveries, we’ve got you covered. If you have any questions about our overnight service, get in touch; our team would love to help.

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