Business streamlines processes and increases profit margins with Mitchells

Mitchells cab at an event

Manual processes cost time and money.

The client was having to manually enter orders into a system. This process was becoming very time consuming as the business grew and the volume of orders was increasing. As the business was approaching the point of need to hire for a full time position to cover this process, which would have cost in excess of £25k per year, the director decided it was time to find a more cost effective (and time effective) way of working.

Using integrated systems to speed up dispatching.

Following a recommendation from a neighbouring business, the client contacted us to talk through the problem. We explained how we could help streamline his dispatching task through integration, to help him with his end goal – saving time and money.

Mitchells cab and trailer in the garage
Fork lift trucks in a row in the garage

Doubling order volume and increasing profit margins.

We arranged a system integration, transforming his current labour-intensive process into the press of a single button to transfer the job from their system to ours. The pods are then linked back to their system. Since working with Mitchells and implementing this new system, the business has doubled the volume and increased profit margins; no new admin staff member required.