Business switches to Mitchells for service they can rely on.

Mitchells cab at an event

Late deliveries and reputational damage was becoming a worry.

A business was becoming increasingly frustrated when their existing carrier was proving to be unreliable. After the carrier didn’t turn up when requested on a number of occasions, the business was increasingly concerned about the number of late deliveries via the carrier that this caused for their own customers. They were also becoming worried about the potential reputational damage this could be doing.

Seeing Mitchells on the road.

After reading about Mitchells in a regularly distributed newsletter, the business owner called into our office to find out more about the service we offer. They’d also seen one of our Mitchells vehicles in the vicinity of their premises almost every day, so they knew we already had lots of happy customers using our service regularly.

Mitchells cab and trailer in the garage
Fork lift trucks in a row in the garage

Trusting Mitchells, then and now.

We knew trust and reliability were high on this customer’s agenda. And just like for all our customers, building that trust is simple; we do what we say we’ll do. If we’re asked to make a collection, we do it. We have many vehicles working around the Nottinghamshire area, so we’re never more than 20 minutes away from any customer. This customer remains loyal and satisfied that they took the right decision to work with Mitchells. Now, whatever they have to worry about, their freight isn’t one of them.