How Mitchells transformed The Workplace Depot’s delivery operations

Mitchells lorry being loaded with pallets for delivery

You need a delivery partner you can rely on.

Before engaging with Mitchells palletised services, The Workplace Depot faced challenges in ensuring the timely and reliable delivery of products to our customers. We encountered issues with other courier services such as delayed deliveries, lack of communication regarding shipment status, and occasional complaints from customers about the quality of service.

Working with a distribution partner that cares.

Upon partnering with Mitchells, we experienced a significant improvement in our delivery operations. Mitchells’ commitment to reliability and efficiency ensured that our shipments were delivered promptly and without any major issues. Their detailed tracking system provided real-time updates on the status of our shipments, allowing us to proactively address any potential issues and keep our customers informed. Additionally, Mitchells’ proactive communication approach ensured that we were promptly notified of any challenges or delays, enabling us to take appropriate action and minimise disruptions to our delivery schedule.

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Mitchells can deliver, quarter, half or full pallets across the UK & Europe

A testimonial from The Workplace Depot:

“Whilst we have been working with Mitchells, they have consistently exceeded our expectations. Their reliability and efficiency have greatly contributed to streamlining our delivery operations. With their detailed tracking system and proactive communication, we have been able to ensure the timely delivery of our products to our customers without any major issues. Mitchells’ professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction make them an invaluable partner for The Workplace Depot.”

For delivery of full, quarter, half, single and multi-pallet deliveries, we’ve got you covered. If you have any questions about our overnight service, get in touch; our team would love to help.

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