Mitchells supports customer with best-in-class communication.

Mitchells cab at an event

When things don’t go to plan, communication is key.

From time to time, things might not be going quite to plan. Great communication is how problems are solved, and how to make sure there’s minimal impact for the customer. This customer was experiencing poor communication from their existing carrier, and they weren’t being informed about any issues until it was too late to rectify the problem.

After speaking to the Mitchells team, the business felt they’d come first.

A social media post had been seen by the client that highlighted our mission statement, so they decided to get in touch. They’d spoken to other transport businesses, but they felt we gave them confidence that the issues they were having wouldn’t continue if they chose to work with us. We put our customers first, and a big part of that is communication.

Mitchells cab and trailer in the garage
Fork lift trucks in a row in the garage

Better communication, better service, less hassle.

Just like everyone who works with us, this customer now has their freight monitored here at each stage of the process. If issues arise, they are communicated as soon as possible, allowing the customer to choose how they are dealt with. This means they’re always aware of any issues before the delivery is made. The customer is happy with the service they receive from Mitchells, and they can concentrate on running their business instead of worrying about their freight.