DHL E-Commerce Partnership

Posted by in News on 11th June 2024

You may have seen we’re now working with DHL eCommerce. And you’re probably wondering what this means for you.

We’re well-known for our great palletised delivery service around the UK and Europe. Starting on 17th June we’ll also be able to collect your parcels too. Mitchells can be your one-stop shop for all deliveries!

But there’s no need to worry about your pallets as we are extending our services to be able to collect your parcels and pallets on the same vehicle. 

Our current services of overnight delivery and economy delivery throughout the UK and Europe will stay the same. You’ll now be able to get your parcels collected by us in the UK.

Our current services

Our overnight delivery option is an express pallet delivery, which means your goods get where they need to be, quickly and safely the next day.

Economy delivery will take 2-3 days and is for those who aren’t in any hurry. You’ll still be able to schedule your delivery for a morning, an afternoon or a specified time.

At Mitchells, we are committed to being at the forefront of sustainability in our industry. In recent years we have invested in the UK’s first electric 18 tonne truck, started offsetting our carbon emissions and now we’re helping our customers do the same.
We’ll still be offering our carbon offsetting service to all of our customers who want to work with a more sustainable partner.

Who are DHL eCommerce?

DHL eCommerce is part of the DHL Group, who deliver 1.5 billion parcels a year. They are a world leader in e-commerce delivery, and their services can help businesses grow their customer base both domestically and internationally.

About our new service

You’ll be able to send your parcels across the UK as well as your pallets.  The standard parcel weight is 30kgs and is based on the volumetric weight of the item.  Below is the guide to how we calculate the volumetric weight.

Besides the standard size parcels, we the ability to send parcels over the 30kgs, and slightly larger items, these will incur a surcharge.

See below for more details:

How to book a parcel delivery

We’ve partnered with DHL eCommerce to offer a simplified shipping solution that saves you time and keeps you informed. 

Here’s how it works:

Convenient Label Printing: Once your order is confirmed, you can print shipping labels right from the DHL platform. No more waiting for couriers or scrambling for supplies – everything is done at your fingertips.

Reliable Collection by Mitchells: We will collect your parcels directly from your designated location. This eliminates the hassle of dropping them off at a depot, saving you valuable time.

Direct Delivery with DHL: Mitchells seamlessly hands off your parcels to DHL’s extensive network for fast and reliable delivery to your customers.

Dedicated Customer Support: Our customer service team acts as your advocate throughout the process. We’ll proactively monitor your shipments and keep you informed of any potential issues, allowing you to address them swiftly and maintain customer satisfaction.

Prohibited items

There are some items we cannot deliver through this service. Please see the list below.

Start shipping your parcels with us

This new service is available starting 17th June.

If you would like further information please get in touch with our sales team on 01623 555707 or email

Please note parcel collections are carried under Mitchells terms and conditions, not RHA.