Max Graham

Transport Team

I’ve been on the Mitchells team since 2016. I wanted to work here because I liked that it’s a family-run business that looks after their staff and customers. Now, I enjoy working alongside a great bunch of people that work excellently in a team.

Depending on what shift you’re doing that week, depends on the tasks you will do each day, however all the team helps out if one job is busier than another. Teamwork is a skill we use a lot here. Some typical jobs I do are booking deliveries, dealing with return pallets, estimating arrival times and generally making sure deliveries are out when they should be. There’s a lot to do in this job to ensure everything runs smoothly on, and all jobs must be completed before the day
ends. This is where having a good group helps.

As part of my goals for my career progression at Mitchells, I’d love to do collections, making sure that all collections are assigned to drivers and picked up on the due date. It’s a hard but rewarding job that I would love to master. I also want to learn how to drive a forklift to be able to help downstairs when things get busy. I have done both Customer Services and Transport now, adding more strings to my bow in general is a long-term goal of mine. I would love to have experience in all departments.

In my free time, I like being outdoors, going for walks and catching up with friends. I like having days out with my family, going to watch football or going to the Zoo. I also enjoy going out with everyone at work for a well-deserved night out, even a snooker night down at the local.

Max Graham - Transport Team

The Team

Richard James Montgomery

Managing Director

Richard Montgomery - Managing Director

I joined the team in 1997 and have done every job in the business. My role now covers financial planning and monitoring, vehicle acquisition and infrastructure growth.

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Thomas Mitchell

Operations Director

Thomas Mitchell - Operations Director

Mitchells is my family’s business. I’m the 3rd generation and my role is to manage the operation of the business throughout the day and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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Derron Tasker

Transport Co-Ordinator

Derron Tasker - Transport Co-ordinator

I joined Mitchells five years ago as an apprentice. My role involves assisting drivers with their day to day tasks and using my problem-solving skills as and when issues arise.

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Darren Denny

Senior Transport Co-ordinator

Darren Denny - Senior Transport Co-ordinator at Mitchells

I’ve been at Mitchells since 2005. My role involves arranging the collections for the drivers and helping with any problems they have.

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Rachael Clench

Sales Manager

Rachael Clench - Sales Manager

I joined the Mitchells family 14 years ago. My typical day varies, from face to face and telephone meetings with existing and potential customers to completing quotations and tender documents.

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Max Graham

Transport Team

Max Graham - Transport Team

I’ve been on the Mitchells team since 2016 and my role can vary from shift to shift. I’m responsible for booking deliveries, dealing with return pallets and estimating arrival times.

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Josh Allwood

Transport Department Team Leader

Josh Allwood - Transport Department Team Leader

I started at Mitchells in 2015 as a transport apprentice. In my role here, I typically organise and plan deliveries and collections. I also deal with day to day issues and any customer queries.

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Rachael Squires

Customer Service Assistant

Rachael Squires - Customer Service Assistant

I joined Mitchells in 2016 and my role involves checking and processing orders and helping customers across our various communications channels.

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Lizzie Steel

Customer Services Team Leader

Lizzie Steel - Customer Services Team Leader

I joined Mitchells as an apprentice in Customer Services in 2016. As part of my role, I check for any discrepancies from the other delivery members and watch the portal for any collection pre-alerts.

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