How to prepare for pallet collection

Posted on 15th November 2023 by Richard Montgomery

Do you know how to properly prepare for your pallet collection? If not we’re here to help! In this blog, we’ll cover how to prepare for pallet collection. And provide you with a pallet collection checklist to ensure your collection goes as smoothly as possible. When it comes to pallet deliveries, we’ve got a lot […]

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Navigating an electric future with the help of Webfleet

Posted on 19th October 2023 by Richard Montgomery

It’s important to us to leave a lasting, positive impact on our world. That’s both the community we’re based in and our industry.  Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2027. This won’t be an easy task! And we’ve got an uphill battle ahead of us. But that doesn’t scare us. To become carbon […]

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Your Guide To ISPM 15 Regulations

Posted on 27th September 2023 by Richard Montgomery

ISPM 15 regulations are important and vital to get right when sending your deliveries. Not following the regulations can result in significant problems such as receiving fines, losing your goods, or even having them destroyed. Wood packaging is a very common way for pests to travel. When your deliveries enter different countries and your pallet […]

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Mitchells Carbon Co-Op

Posted on 7th September 2023 by Richard Montgomery

“I don’t want my daughter to think we did nothing because someone said no rush!” Richard Montgomery, MD of Mitchells So we’re not going to take this advice! Our industry is a huge emitter of CO2 and we understand that many companies do not have the luxury to spend money on electric trucks to help […]

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Mitchells Supporting the Armed Forces

Posted on 13th July 2023 by Richard Montgomery

At the beginning of June, our very own Derek Wells raised over £1,200 by skydiving for the armed forces Light Infantry Veterans Association and The 1st Battalion Light Infantry! 15,000 ft drop To help raise funds for the associations, Derek bravely jumped from a plane at 15,000 feet. He completed the freefall tandem jump on […]

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How to prevent damage to goods during transit

Posted on 27th June 2023 by Richard Montgomery

The last thing you want to hear after shipping your cargo is that they have arrived to your customer damaged! This causes a loss of time, money and potentially both yours and our reputation. At Mitchells we want to make sure your delivery with us goes as smoothly as possible and help you prevent cargo […]

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Family Values

Posted on 23rd May 2023 by Richard Montgomery

We’ve got 50 years of experience and are a family-run business with family values. Mitchells started back in 1968 by Robert Mitchell with just a 1952 Bedford K Type and now have a fleet of 45 trucks. Our family values are what set us apart from our competitors. We believe in treating our employees and […]

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Creating a Sustainable Future With Mitchells

Posted on 24th April 2023 by Richard Montgomery

At Mitchells, we want to set the bar for other distribution companies, especially when it comes to investing in new technology to reduce emissions and offset the ones we can’t reduce. We’ve taken steps to reduce our carbon emissions by: We are also offsetting the carbon emissions we can’t reduce by working with Ecologi.  Ecologi […]

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Electric Dreams Come True: Mitchells Launches UK’s First Electric Truck.

Posted on 20th March 2023 by Richard Montgomery

We’re passionate about creating a future for the next generation. One where we’ve made positive changes to help our planet.  And now we’ve taken the biggest step of all! Breaking the mould Mitchells are the first company in the UK to receive the 18-tonne E-Tech electric curtain-sided truck from RH Commercial Vehicles, the East Midlands’ […]

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Mitchells Takes the Wheel in Carbon Offsetting

Posted on 6th February 2023 by Richard Montgomery

Over the last year, Mitchells has been taking steps towards reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions. We recently assessed our carbon emissions and are excited to announce that Mitchells has partnered with Ecologi. Ecologi is an environmental organisation, a platform for real climate action. They facilitate the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting […]

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Saving The Planet And Your Pounds

Posted on 9th January 2023 by Richard Montgomery

Did you know a truck tire that is 10% underinflated can add as much as 2% extra to your fuel costs, whilst also adding up to 1 ton of additional CO2 into the environment? A whole fleet of trucks with under or over-inflated tyres will easily cost your business thousands of pounds a year from […]

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Mitchells Flying To The Rescue

Posted on 22nd December 2022 by Richard Montgomery

Here at Mitchells we are passionate about helping our local community! We’re proud of our Nottinghamshire roots and always want to support local charities in any way we can. Mitchells is a family business and that includes our pets too! That’s why we have decided to support the local charity, Drone to Home. When we […]

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