Creating a Sustainable Future With Mitchells

Posted on 24th April 2023 by Richard Montgomery

At Mitchells, we want to set the bar for other distribution companies, especially when it comes to investing in new technology to reduce emissions and offset the ones we can’t reduce. We’ve taken steps to reduce our carbon emissions by: We are also offsetting the carbon emissions we can’t reduce by working with Ecologi.  Ecologi […]

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Electric Dreams Come True: Mitchells Launches UK’s First Electric Truck.

Posted on 20th March 2023 by Richard Montgomery

We’re passionate about creating a future for the next generation. One where we’ve made positive changes to help our planet.  And now we’ve taken the biggest step of all! Breaking the mould Mitchells are the first company in the UK to receive the 18-tonne E-Tech electric curtain-sided truck from RH Commercial Vehicles, the East Midlands’ […]

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Mitchells Takes the Wheel in Carbon Offsetting

Posted on 6th February 2023 by Richard Montgomery

Over the last year, Mitchells has been taking steps towards reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions. We recently assessed our carbon emissions and are excited to announce that Mitchells has partnered with Ecologi. Ecologi is an environmental organisation, a platform for real climate action. They facilitate the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting […]

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Saving The Planet And Your Pounds

Posted on 9th January 2023 by Richard Montgomery

Did you know a truck tire that is 10% underinflated can add as much as 2% extra to your fuel costs, whilst also adding up to 1 ton of additional CO2 into the environment? A whole fleet of trucks with under or over-inflated tyres will easily cost your business thousands of pounds a year from […]

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Mitchells Flying To The Rescue

Posted on 22nd December 2022 by Richard Montgomery

Here at Mitchells we are passionate about helping our local community! We’re proud of our Nottinghamshire roots and always want to support local charities in any way we can. Mitchells is a family business and that includes our pets too! That’s why we have decided to support the local charity, Drone to Home. When we […]

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2022 Christmas Operating Hours

Posted on 29th November 2022 by Richard Montgomery

Mitchells would like to announce our 2022 Christmas operating hours to all of our customers. Wednesday 14th December – Last day for sending Irish pallets for delivery pre-Christmas, providing there are no issues with customs clearance.Monday 19th December – Last day for standard Economy Pallets for delivery pre-ChristmasTuesday 20th December – Last day for Economy […]

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Working Together For A Better Community

Posted on 24th October 2022 by Richard Montgomery

Over the last year, Mitchells have been taking part in several fundraisers to help support the Nottingham Hospitals Charity. Our local community matters, that’s why our whole team gets involved with local projects throughout the year to support the people and charities that are making a difference in Nottingham and beyond. Our local community matters […]

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Leaving A Positive Impact On Our World

Posted on 22nd November 2022 by Richard Montgomery

It’s important to us to leave a lasting, positive impact on our world – that’s both the community we’re based in, and our industry. As a transport and logistics business, it would be easy for us to sweep the subject of carbon emissions under the rug. Making excuses that goods need to be transported. However, […]

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Female Truckers: Showing Us How It’s Done At Mitchells

Posted on 28th September 2022 by Richard Montgomery

Did you know only 2% of HGV drivers in the UK are female? In a male-dominated industry, Mitchells want to shine a spotlight on our female truck drivers and how they’re breaking barriers in the industry. Only 5.7% of LGV vehicle tests passed from April 2021 to March 2022 were female, compared to 58.3% vehicle tests […]

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“Virtual Reality Testing Will Make Driving Safer For All”

Posted on 13th May 2022 by Richard Montgomery

On the 27th and 28th of April, Mitchells HQ was delighted to welcome members of the Driving Research Unit from Nottingham Trent University, who had joined us for what became a very exciting but valuable two days of VR testing. Bit of Background The Driving Research Unit of the Psychology Department at NTU, is currently […]

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Mitchells Race to Raise £3,000 for Charity

Posted on 13th May 2022 by Richard Montgomery

As some of you may be aware Mitchells are proud supporters of Nottingham Hospitals Charity,  This year they have asked us to help support the work they are doing at Hayward House to raise 1.5 million pounds for enhancements to benefit patients and families being treated at Hayward House, which is located at the City Hospital […]

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Supporting Safer Drivers With Nottingham Trent University

Posted on 5th April 2022 by Richard Montgomery

In August 2021 Mitchells were approached by the Traffic & Transport Safety Research Unit of Nottingham Trent University to assist them with a road safety project. As the project was something that we hold closely within our company mission and values, how could we refuse? The Project The unit is currently building several Virtual Reality […]

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